Transforming Metallizing Technology

Expert Engineers Support
Expert Engineers Support

Break the code of nature with the skilled personnel at Mythri Metallising. Rewind the aging process of industrial equipment and structures.

Well Refined Services
Well Refined Services

AWitness the practical utilisation of metals with proven sustainability against rust & corrosion with multitude of solutions from Mythri.

Modern Research Ideology
Modern Research Ideology

Continuous research & development at Mythri to create a niche in developing custom tools, fixtures, techniques and combined work processes.

At Mythri

Commitment to offer safe industrial corrosion free solutions

At Mythri, our goal is to generate customer centric solutions with goals to meet client expectations
with quick turnaround requirements and quality standards.

Nature and Metal takes the similarity of a double edged sword. The rains, temperatures & climatic exposure contributes to the revision of forged metals black to its earthy state. Rust, corrosion and mishaps of excessive heat processing are perhaps the most undesirable result for any manufacturing sector. Wear & Tear of metals, machines or plants are part of nature’s involuntary act.

Mythri Metallizing India possesses extensive knowledge and decade long experience in the metallizing domain. The insightful research and recognition of chemical properties and practical utilisation of metals give us the opportunity to develop modern anti-rust and anti-corrosion solutions to enhance the sustainability of the industrial metals.

Mythri Metallizing
About Mythri

Mythri Metallizing India is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company assessed and approved in accordance with the ISO safety standards in rendering services of surface preparation, grit blasting, abrasive blasting, stress relieving, thermal spray galvanizing, thermal spray aluminizing and spray coating.

Rely on the steel doctors to safeguard the metals from forces of heat and nature.

Protect your plant

Safeguard your strength

The protection of primary cost centres of an industry is the core objective of every business. The prominent and dependable areas of plant or unit from corrosion is one among them. The inspiration to strategically tackle corrosion and rust for over 15 years with surface fishing and spray metallizing has made Mythri to step ahead as one of the most promising companies in India.

We work closely with the clients in handling unique challenges, coating and quality requirements irrespective of the volume of the job be it with single or a combination of solutions. Heat refines gold but ruins steel. Protect the steel with steel doctors.

D R Madhusudhan

Managing Director
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Work Culture


At Mythri, Adaptability is a priority. We believe that change and acceptance of the change is the first step towards success.

learning and development
innovation learning and development

At Mythri, Continuous learning and development is a portion that makes us strong, flexible and excel in our business operations.


At Mythri, innovation is the key strategy that makes us constantly upgrade ourselves with technology to address the needs of today.

learning and development
At Mythri

Reliance, Efficient, Sustainable Industrial Solutions


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