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Mythri Metallizing India one of the largest surface finishing contractors in India. MMI has experience of more than 20 years in spray Galvanizing/Alluminizing/metalizing. Today company provides complete solution of surface preparation to industries, so that the materials and equipments can be prevented from corrosion. MMI has a technically proficient team of professionals & Engineers, backed with continuous R & D and a highly motivated skilled workforce and is largest service provider of spray Galvanizing /Alluminizing/metalizing.

surface coating /Alluminizing/metalizing.STRESS RELIEVING /Alluminizing/metalizing.

Trust and Dependability


MMI provides more than quality coatings and workmanship. We offer dependability and solve unique problems quickly and effectively. We develop our own tooling, fixtures and proven coating techniques and work closely with our customers to meet their coating and quality requirements and special product challenges, whether it involves individual components or thousands of units. MMI offers a full range of on-site services designed to meet all of your spray coating needs. MMI has the Ability to provide multiple finishes on the same part. Companies come to us for lots of reasons, but they stay with us because we give them what the most of all want trust and dependability. We don’t promise what we can’t deliver and we keep our promises.

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