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Thermal Spray Alluminizing

Pure 99.90% of Aluminium will be thermally sprayed on iron & steel surfaces to give protection on corossion/ Thermal radiation/ Temperature protection using electrical arc jet to required DFT As per IS5905 very widely used in steel plants/Cement plants/Petrochemicals & Many more,..

Thermal Spray Zinc Galvanizing

To Stop the corossion on iron & Steel surface pure 99.95% of zinc will be thermally sprayed as per IS5905 using electrical arc jet on the steel surfaces for long term corossion protection. Very widely used on Steel tanks/Conencer coils/Ship hulls & Many more,...

Sand/ Shot Blasting

Steel will have rust/Grease/Mile scale by its nature keeping long term it leads to the amount of rust. Before going for any Paint/Protective Coating removal of forien materials is very essential. propelling shot/Sand on the steel surfaces using High Pressured compressed air will remove rust/mile scale & create Good profile for any further process. This will be done as per Swedish SA2 1/2 and ISO8501-4.

Various Technical Services

Thermal spray Aluminizing Spray Galvanizing Sand Blasting Twin Wire Arc Spray Electric Arc Spray Coating Metallizing Corrosion protection coating Wire coating process Grit Blasting

Protective Coatings

Mythri Metallizing India provides protective coating for your plants.

Cement Plant Coating

Mythri Metallizing India provides Cement Plant Coating with team of experts.